DIY Foot Massage

Although it’s worth finding a professional to show you how it’s done, you can also give yourself or a friend a foot massage at home. Try these steps:

  • Wash your feet (and dry them well)
  • Apply lotion or oil to your hands, covering the fingers and palms.
  • Rub your feet all over, making sure to go between the toes too! Hold the top of each foot with both hands, and use small circular motions with your thumbs on each toe, working down to the base of your foot and right up to the ankle.
  • Now do the same to the base of your foot. You can afford to use a bit more pressure here! Working from the top of the toes, move to down towards the heel.
  • You may also wish to loosen the joints by twisting and rotating the feet and toes.
  • Now firmly but gently press the pad of the foot. This is where you’ll find reflexology points. You can use a map to target certain areas.
  • Remember to repeat everything on the other foot.

The main reflexology points in the foot are as follows:

  • Spine – instep
  • Liver – outside of right foot
  • Spleen – outside of left foot
  • The head and face – toes
  • Lower back, lower limbs, genitals – heel
  • Kidneys – sole of the feet